About S.A.S

The SAS (Streets All Salute) duo have gone from battle rapping in Staten Island (NY) in their early years to collaborating on tunes with Young Money’s Nikki Minaj, The Diplomats Cam’ron and Julez Santana in the years that followed.

After solidifying reputations in the US as Global superstars the British Hip-Hop movement toured around Europe and Canada with video’s popping all over MTV channels around the world providing cameos in movies such as State Property 2.

With endorsements from Lyle and Scott, Futura Laboratories, Maharishi and Yoropikomym keeping them comfy and having opened for Kanye West’s first UK concert they’d created enough heat by themselves and realising their relationship with The Diplomats was at a standstill the brothers regrouped as Eurogang and released Eurogang volume 1, 2 and 3.

Now residing in North London the two have learnt from their
journey, which led to their deal with The Diplomats and Roc-
A-Fella being cast to the side, and are back to re introduce
themselves with more good music to showcasing the lyrical talent
they have to the amazing network of fans they have built up
throughout their career.


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